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 Dear Official,

I'm sending this to all clinicians, assignors and association leaders.
Our original Officials Guidance document for the 2020-21 school year said that electronic whistles are required.  That was before some manufacturers developed whistle covers or pouches that attach directly to a traditional whistle.
These whistle covers/pouches prevent the spread of respiratory droplets yet allow officials to use a regular whistle that produces a regular whistle sound.
See the IHSA Officials Guidance document on the IHSA website for September 11, 2020 update, that now allows officials the option of using a traditional whistle with a solid black cover/pouch or an electronic whistle.
Sam Knox
Asst.Exec. Director


Football - 2021:

Rules Interpreter: Jeff Diemer

2nd VP: Bryan Nelson

2nd VP 2021: Joey Richardson/ Tony Ware

Welcome to the 2020-21 season

 August 19 : 6:00 PM  Review IHSA Football Test 

August 26:  6:00 PMReview IHSA Football Test

October 28, 2020: FootBall Clinic / Free to POA Members 

 February 3,2021: Football Meeting

Basketball 2019-20:

Rules interpreter: Rick Smolczyk

2nd VP:  Bryan Boone/Gavin Welker

2nd VP 2021-22: Scott Homa

November 4,2020:  -  Doors open at 5:00 PM Election of new officers & stag (Davis Bros)

Nov 11 :    Level I Clinic Cancelled

Nov 15 :    4:00 PM  IHSA Part 1 test   (Morton VFW 2310 Veterans Road)






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