General Membership Announcements:

2018 In-between Stag-Nov 7th

Election of Officers:

President of POA beginning Fall 2019- Stan Deatherage

Secretary-Ron King

Football - 2nd VP for 2019 (become Rules Interpreter in 2020) - elected Jeff Diemer

Basketball - 2nd VP for 2019 ( become Rules Interpreter in 2020) - elected Rick Smolcyck


1. Congratulation Jim Maddock Football crew for Semi Final Assignment

2. 1st Basketball meeting Nov 11 Cover the IHSA basketball test and POE

3. IHSA rules video and Part 1 test due Nov 27

4. POA Basketball Clinic- NOV 14 5pm Davis Brothers $5 for members/ $20 non-member

5. Ron King will inquire about Hospitality room during state finals at Kenny's Westside Bar

6. Financial report had 3,211.20 in Hospitality account and 7,660.88 in general fund

7. All officials should check that they have completed the IHSA concussion protocol 


Election of Officers: 

Football – 2nd VP for 2018 (become Rules Interpreter in 2019) – elected Bill Kentzel 

Basketball – 2nd VP for 2018/2019 (become Rules Interpreter in 2019/2020) – elected Kevin Hampton 

Secretary/Treasurer – Brian Mason announced resignation – Ron King appointed new Sec/Treasurer effective 11/14/17


2018 Pre Season Stag 

1). Welcome & New Members

2). Rules Interpreters for upcoming seasons: Football ( Jake Schaidle , Bill Kenzel2nd VP) & BASKETBALL (Shane Parker, Kevin Hampton 2nd VP) 

3). Financial Report 

4). Membership Information Forms & POA Website 

5). Schedule Books – new books will have less information and cheaper to purchase

6). Hospitality Room Report- Need new location for room 

7). IHSA Delegate Meeting Report/Grant deadline 

8). In Between Stag (Wednesday, November 7th at 6pm) & Election of Officers, 2nd VPs for 2019/2020-

9). Post Season Recognition:  Football/Basketball

11). State Final Official Recognition, present plaques (Football Brian Mason, Pete McGinnes, Ron King, Bud McGinnes, Kevin Copeland and Boys BKB  Tom Conklin)  


8/22 Meeting

1. Andy Homa will be Heading a committe to find new location for Hospitality room

2. Jake Schaidle covered the IHSA test and points of emphasis

3. Don King will not have a mechanics meeting on 8/29

FOOTBALL Announcements: 

1). 1st Football Meeting is next Wednesday (Aug. 22nd) at 7pm – 9 Total 

2). Football Clinic – Wednesday, 9/5th at 5:30pm - $10.00 for POA, CIFA, BNOA – Don King Clinician 

3). Meeting Etiquette (i.e. pay attention to presenter, no “side conversations”, mute cell phones, here to learn and make each other better, etc.)  

BASKETBALL Announcements: 

 1.)  1st meeting during In-between Stag Nov. 7- Go over IHSA test

New Business